How to block a Mac-Address of a SM Module on the AP?

Is possibile?

@Mirko wrote:

How to block a Mac-Address of a SM Module on the AP?

Is possibile?


This feature is currently not available but it is on our roadmap and it something we will make available in a future release. 



Any ETA?

And there is a CLI command to execute the Deregistrate of a SM from AP?

Hi Mirko - I'm not sure if this is what you need...    but if this is a non-paying client that you're trying to block, you can instead deactivate the Ethernet port in the SM.  Perhaps you're needing something totally different, but if it's just to cut off a customer, you can shut them off at the Ethernet.  :)

What to do in case of a stolen CPE then?

I can block a mac also if the SM deteriorates the performance of a heavy AP, because it went a little out of pointing

Any news about this feature?

It's useful if I want to reject a SM from a single AP

Hi Mirko,

That feature is already available in 2.6 SW Release.

You can find Wireless MAC Address Filtering on Configuration -> Security page.

Thank you.


This is nice, thanks, but I have two requests on this feature.

1 - allow us to save it with no MAC addresses IF it's in 'Prevent' mode - this way we can leave it enabled on all APs, but only populate the list when we need to massage sector associations.  (personally, I would allow it to be saved empty in either mode, just warning that one way does nothing while the other permits nothing)

2 - give us a list of currently-associated SMs that we can click to add them to the list. (and add their SM name as default Description)

Manual entry would still be needed sometimes, but I see us most likely using this feature to kick a heavy-duty user on a loaded sector to an alternate AP, in which scenario they're usually currently connected to the AP where we want to block them.


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Hi newkirk,

1 request:

It is a common behavior for most part of tables on ePMP devices that it can not be saved empty.

And that behavior is well known for all customers and it could be some misunderstanding in case it will be changed.

You can just disable Wireless MAC Filter instead of save empty table with 'Prevent' option.

2 request:

In 2.6 SW release only first phase of the feature was implemented.

Your proposal is going to be implemented in next phase.

Thank you.

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For some reason, this feature is not available on my ap. I have version 22.0.1 on a CANOPY 22.0.1 AP.

Hi @Dave_MacDonald, welcome to the community.

This thread is discussing ePMP, which is a separate product line from Canopy. You can raise this question over in the #products:pmp forum instead.