Block SM - SM Communication

How does this new 8.1.4 feature work when you are running VLANs?

Has anyone tried it yet? Any issues? We have a number of VLANs running on the network and I really don’t want issues with them, but the idea of blocking SM broadcast traffic is very appealing.

SM Isolation WILL ISOLATE. :smiley:

If you want to HAVE peer-to-peer communications between SMs (VoIP, IM/chat, gaming, etc.) then you do NOT want to use this feature.

If you have a network where there is a need to ISOLATE the SMs - then this WILL ISOLATE.

This feature was intended for a VERY PARTICULAR need of Security that MOST networks will NOT need.

Understood! Thanks!

Do you need anything set up to do this or is it just automatic after you check it (like the filtering of IPv4 packets, etc.) ?

We’re getting ready to set up 2 more networks and if I can get away with just checking that box instead of having to set up VLANs on the other 2 networks that could be much easier. I basically just don’t want one customer who’s NAT disabled to see another customer who is NAT disabled on the same workgroup name or what have you.

Chas, if I understood this well, setting Sm:SM block will just Disallow ANY traffic between SMs. This INCLUDES the traffic that you would WANT them to see (their VLAN traffic).