we are in the process of migrating to H/W, all our clusters have moved to H/W but the remote AP were all P8. Last week we changed the remotes to P9.

Tonight we moved everyone to H/W, Murpheys Law has it that the furthest Remote (3 hours away) was still a P8. My engineer just went in to the AP, LUID across to all the guys switched them to H/W and rebooted them, all 25 of them, only to find that when he got to the AP it does not have a H/W option…

luckily I have a P9 in stock so don’t need to go to the 25 customers…

why didnt he use the cnut tool?

I’m sure VJ is asking himself the same question…why, Why WHY!!!

lol… he thought he was more clever then CNUT… luckily we got the AP swapped with only 3 customers being disrupted…

been there…done that… :oops:

I thought 7.3.6 allowed H/W with P8s and P9s. You don’t get the Advantage…advantages, but it still works.

P8 AP’s can’t do H/W

We have all Advantage P9 APs now - I climbed a lot of towers last week :x went to update our smallest site - 5 SM - to hardware scheduling using the tool and trying it manually. It appears the P8 SM cannot be updated to hw scheduling via the CNUT tool. And evidently it will not handle a direct flash upgrade as I tried and the response from tech support was there isn’t enough memory in P8 versions to accept both firmwares during the upgrade process. So tech support duplicated my problem and I am awaiting a phone call from them to provide a resolution. Anybody else have issues upgrading P8 SM?


Eric Boyle
KBI (KS Broadband Internet)

we only have P9’s… how about down grading to a smaller package and then upgrading to 7.3.6 (you won’t be able to use CNUT)

No problem here. We upgraded all AP’s to advantage, configured for SW scheduling, and let the SM’s register to the new AP’s. Used the CNUT HW scheduling tool to upgrade the SM’s, and away it went.

The SM’s need to be running 7.2.9 or higher to do this…

I think I made the error jumping straight from 7.14 to 7.36 on all the SM we have (228). I cannot get the SM to accept the 7.29 “downgrade” now. Thanks for all the input.

If they are 7.3.6 they should take the CNUt tool command to switch to HW scheduling.

I used the CNUT tool - updated everything to 7.3.6 - all done. Then switched out MY AP to the advantage APs. Everything in my network now runs 7.3.6 except 2 backhauls - it was recommended to stay at 7.29. Anyway, I have been unable to update any SM that is P8 - THESE ALL HAVE FPGA 06/02/04 or anything less than 02/02/05 on them. Maybe that is the real issue, not the P8.?? Anyway, Motorola tech support duplicated the issue and told me it cannot be done currently. I keep wondering if I am doing something wrong since nobody here has seemed to have this problem.

If u have p9 on backhauls the backhaul will take upgrdade to 7.3.x , but the latency will be around 20 ms. & can be put into hardware scheduling .In case of 7.2.x the latency comes to around 5 ms.Where normally 10 mbps bH has a latency of 2.5 ms in 7.1.x.

If I recall correctly, this was the procedure we used:

1. All SM’s [P8] were upgraded to 7.3.6
2. Swapped all AP’s for the new Advantage running 7.3.6
3. Ran the HW Scheduler Tool in CNUT 1 - all SM’s took the upgrade and switched to HW mode. The tool is on my laptop but I am pretty sure it’s 7.2
4. The AP switched to HW mode and everything came back up

I think that a number of of the SM’s were older than '04

Our network is set up on a 10.0.x.x subnet. My laptop was connected directly to the netwrok with a IP address.

As far as BH’s we have two 5700BH20 Masters and three 5700AP’s running 7.3.6 on the same tower. The BH’s are in HW scheduling mode and the network is singing.

Power to the tower goes out periodically and there is a lag before the Generators fire. Never had a problem with the BH’s registering after a reboot.

You may need to use the older version of Cnut to upgrade your P-8’s to hardware mode.

That is very similar to our network. Main tower where our landline backhaul with cable company is has 2 Canopy backhauls, 1 2.4 Cisco backhaul, 4 5.2 APs and 1 900 Mhz Canopy omni. Other towers have 1 backhaul and 1 5.7 AP and 2 to 4 5.2 APs. We are wanting to sell VOIP to our customers through a partnership with a local company so hardware scheduling would be nice.

I think CNUT 1 is my next attempt. I was told by technical support I needed the old 7.2 hardware scheduler tool from CNUT 1 and that would work. When I asked if they had it available I was told no, and it wouldn’t be available. Some nice person here posted a link to where I could dl CNUT 1 so I have. I think I will try to install that on a different PC and attempt it this evening. Thanks all for the comments and help.

The procedure from Jerry worked for me also.

The thing that annoys me is why hardware scheduling couldn’t be done manually. I have 200 canopy’s at 2.4 GHz, almost all of them P8. They had to be removed form their original location due to high level of radio interference. Now we are installing them in one small town and I have to run software scheduling until I install them all, and this is going very slow, and than switch all of them to hardware.

I was hoping that software version 8 will automatically switch them to HW, but I guess that until it got out I will install all of them :slight_smile:

Go ahead and convert the SM’s that are installed to HW Scheduling.

Convert each new customer’s SM on the bench prior to installation using the CNUT HW Scheduling Tool. This is how we do it and it seems to work fine for us.

Alternately, you could could do them in batches using a 24 port switch. Just configure each SM’s IP to something like 10.0.1.x, put your computer on the same network and blast away.