Board still in reboot state?

We have ran into a couple radios on our network that 'glitch' up, and when you log into them, just after the login screen, they produce an error message reading, 'Board still in reboot state, please wait...', and it requires a physical reboot of the radio to get the radio to be responsive again.  I'm just curious if this is something anyone else has seen, or is this new?  The radios were running 2.5, but now are on 2.5.1, and are now being managed by Maestro.  We saw this primarily after forcing a reboot through the old CNS in order to update the radios to 2.5.1, however, we just had one radio do it without it being told to reboot through the old CNS, and was already on 2.5.1.  About half of the SM's would not update through CNS, from 2.5 to 2.5.1, until a reboot was initiated.

Side note:  Customer's did not report an outage, so I'm assuming this was something with the management side of the radio only.

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Hello Ben,

We've seen these two issues sporadically in our labs and we are investigating them. For the 'Board still in reboot state, please wait...' issue, only the GUI is unresponsible/inaccessible, from what we have observed, but the device is still processing traffic. This is also apparent from your experience with customers no reporting network outages. We have also observed that eventually the issue will clear itself and the GUI will return to normal operation.

For the SM issue, the SMs should also be in working state and passing traffic, but in a state were there are not enough  free resources to perform an upgrade successfully. When the condition is detected, it prevents the device from initiating the upgrade but it does not stop operating. We are still also characterizing this failure mode.

Hope this is helpful.


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Hi Ben, 

To add to what Luis has already said, the workaround to upgrade the SM is to reboot it. This will allow the subsequent upgrade to be successful. I do appreciate that rebooting the SM will cause an outage for the customer. 



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We noticed a similar issue when upgrading an ePMP AP from 2.4.2 to 2.5.

When radio pinged back in we got the 'Board still in reboot state...' message.

SSH was unresponsive also, would allow us to login but not issue any commands.

From our switch we could see that it was still passing traffic.

Reboot brought everything back ok.

Thanks Colin. We are troubleshooting this issue now and hope to have a resolution soon. But I'm glad to know it is indeed not impacting service to your customers. 

Dear all,

in my company we stareted facing this very same issue in two installations this week.

They are two Force 180 with 2.5.2 firmware. We deployed dozens of these ePMP with same firmware in the last weeks without problems. We can't confirm that the problem doesn't affect the functionality of the device for the customer.

For sure the uptime of the SM doesn't reset so it doesn't reboot itself?

There were any findings about this in Cambium labs? 2.6 firmware doesn't fix apparently anything related on this.

Kind regards


Hi roccoptr,

That issue is going to be fixed in 2.7 release.

Sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.

Hi Fedor,

we have substituted the two SM units behaving that way.

In the case several SM would show this problem it would be quite a headache to wait until the 2.7 release...

But is this somehow hardware related since we see no relation with the AP or the configuration (the same for hundreds of customers of us).


Hi roccoptr,

I believe that issue is reproduced rarely and will not cause a lot of troubles.

It is not hardware related issue.

Sorry again for inconveniences.

Thank you.