Braodcast/Multicast Data rate

For those of you who have customers running PS3/XBOX live and Vonage we have had a recent problem since the upgrade to 8.2.2

We found that if you set the Broadcast/Multicast Data rate to Enabled with the default rate of 40000 this will clear 99% of your customer complaints with breaking Vonage signals and gaming system lags.

Just thought we would pass this on for you.

James Waller
Senior Tech
Mountain Internet Services,LLC
Brevard, NC

So you basically turn on Broadcast/Multicast Date rate, but leave the rate at the default of 40000 kbps?

Yes, you are correct. We had lots of complaints concerning Vonage cutting out during calls and XBOX gamers going into the red zone during games.

This majorly corrected the issue it seems.

my default and max is set to 7000? is that because im not on advantage?

also is there a spot on the AP or just on the SM?

7000 is the default on a non-advantage and the setting is only available on the SM side