Bridge Entry Timeout ==>> What are good values..??

When I first started using canopy products, the reseller that I purchased these products from had all kinds of proclamations about various settings on the canopy devices. Much of what this person said turned out to be mostly jaw-jacking. Typical myth, religion and lore on how to build a network. At any rate;

One of the things this person told me was to ALWAYS set the Bridge Entry Timout parameter to the max, 1440 minutes. All this does is make the bridge not have to “learn” where your mac address is. There are times when you would like to see a short bridge timeout.

With all of that said, what is the experience of this forum as to the setting of this parameter…??


We have not noticed any difference one way or the other.

We settled on 500 as that is close to the timeout on the router. So far no issues.

Sorry to revive this ancient thread. But, was wondering is this on the AP or the SM or both?


Both. It seems that it really makes no difference. We’ll miss an SM and it will be at 1440 with no issues.