bridge table and ascii code

Im not sure if im late to the party but one of my techs just informed me that the reason the bridge table never meets up right to the luid on the AP is because the bridge table is in ascii code. If you print up a chart it works every time.

for example, in the bridge table if you find an offending mac the luid will be (for example) 01b, that means the real luid is 27.

this link has an ascii chart on it

one thing i found was this will only work to 127 luids on an AP because it is only a 7bit ascii table chart. Does anyone know how I can find a higher bit chart?


This kind of conversations has always worked for me.

It’s just simple Hex to Decimal, as the previous poster pointed out.

It’s not ascii, the LUIDs are in Hex… no magic…:slight_smile:


indeed they are in hex format.