Bridge Table between firmware versions

We have access points running with different firmware versions.

We added an additional subnet to our router and DHCP pool -- one subnet each for two different locations.

In location #1, the firmware of the APs is 2.4.3 and has no bridge table data.

In location #2, the firmware of the APs is 2.6.2 and has bridge table data.

When adding an additional subnet to location #1, we had no problems with routers behind SMs renewing IP addresses.

In location #2, I see DISCOVERS and the server OFFERS but get no requests from the remote.   Eventually customers in location #2 go off-line.  If we connect a laptop direct, DHCP messages get relayed.  If we swap out a router, DHCP messages get relayed.

The major difference with DHCP that I can see is that the new subnet is the lowest IP and is chosen by the router to relay the transactions to the server.  And this seems to be a problem with location #2.

Is there a troubleshooting mechanism that we can use for this problem or is this a bug fixed by a later firmware release?

If we need to turn off the bridge table on the 2.6.2 devices, where is that option?

Hi js1,

Please make sure that you enabled DHCP Server Below SM option on your SM. "No bridge table data" it is known issue in 2.4.3 and it was fixed.


This is a production site already and DHCP works.

Our problem is related to adding a subnet to an existing interface for a location.

And, oddly enough, "no bridge table data" in 2.4.3 seems to be what's allowing to add another subnet.

It's the firmware with 2.6.2 and that has bridge table data that's the problem.

The "no bridge table data" is a reporting issue, it has nothing to do with your DHCP issue.  If you want to eliminate the 2.6.2 firmware as the culprit, downgrade those radios to 2.4.3 and see if it resolves your issue.  Also, as was suggested make sure the "DHCP Server Below SM" is enabled, if indeed your DHCP server is below the SM.

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The DHCP server is not below the SM.

We will most likely just reboot the APs.  

Is there not a configuration option to not keep the bridge table data in 2.6.2?

No, these radios are bridges, if they didn't keep a bridge table they wouldn't work.