Bridge table empty

We are seeing issues where certain ap's do not have anything in their bridge table.

I've seen the issue on multiple firmware including 2.4.3 and 2.5.1, 2.5.2. 

Same config on all our AP's

Any ideas?

Sometimes a reboot will get the MACs to display in the bridge table... for a while. It definitely got a lot better in the later 2.4 and 2.5 releases. There's still something going on in the backend and/or GUI. I believe they're planning some big improvements for 2.6.

Hello all,

Sorry for inconveniences.

That issue is already fixed and fix will be available in release 2.6 soon.

Thank you.

We are still have this issue , 

after this steps : 

- SM reboot device 

-  Firmware upgrade  2.6.2 


Hi Alsahli,

Could you please let me know what wireless mode is used on your link(TDD/ePTP)?

What is your link topology? Point-to-point or Point-to-multipoin?

Alsco could you please tell how many entries are you expecting to see in bridge table on your link?

Issue is not reproducible on my setups, probably it is related to some specific configuration.

Thank you.

Thank you for Reply Fedor, 

-Wireless mode > SM ,TDD ,Bridge ,Static IP .

-Link Topology > Point-to-multipoin 

I was expecting to find the TP-Link router MAC address into the SM . 


Thank you Alsahli,

How many SMs are registered on AP ?

How many SMs are registered on AP ?

- 39 SMs in one AP ( 45 SMs  maximum limit ) 

Hi Alsahli,

Thank you for detailed description.

I will investigate issue and will let you know.

Thank you.