Bridge table size pmp450

We were very happy to see this implemented in release 15.1, however it is only able to be limited down to 4.  I talked to support about it and they said it was coded to 4 because majority of customers wanted it to be more than 3 or 4.... I am really confused as to why it was not set to 3 minimum.  Set to 4, you can have 2 mac addresses passing from the SM and 2 from the customer side.... why wouldn't you want the ability to limit this to 1 from customer side, being 3 as the limit.  

So I am requesting that it be changed to 3 as the minimum in future releases.  

i second this.

I was just about to ask this same question. We're using bridging to provide customers with a single public address. Our preference with this feature is to limit the customer to a single device.

Any news on this?

Doesn't appear this has been changed yet in version 16. I still think this is a very important feature. We often have customers that connect their router backwards or have it configured as an AP and end up consuming multiple public ip addresses. We are able to limit mac addresses to 1 in all of our fiber to the home transport systems but Cambium doesn't give us a good way to do that yet.

Also, I don't see any reason the provider needs to be concerned with the 2 (radio and ethernet) mac addresses that are required for the SM to function in part of this feature. I would like to see the bridge size limit range to start at 1 and only pertain to mac addresses learned downstream of the ethernet interface.

+1, I agree completely with Mahaska. I Don’t understand why it was left out for so long and then, when implemented, does not allow restricting the customer to 1 MAC. I cannot speak for others but almost 100% of the time, with very few exceptions, I need to restrict customers to 1 public IP downstream of their SM.

 Can we get any feedback from Cambium on if this is still being considered?

Yes, it is on the roadmap, and is targeted for a release late this year. We'll update you when things firm up in Q3.