bridge vlan

Hello everyone, you see the need to take a LAN from wireless Internet and put it into bridge with eternet, but on eternet I just want to see the service of LAN, with ubnt I could do it smoothly, creating a bridge and entering the vlan with the eternet, with cambium and ‘can do this’?

I'm not sure i understood your question completely. 

I'm guessing your asking if the CPE can remove a vlan tag and pass this to the subscriber as untagged traffic? if so, here is how:

if you want your management traffic in Vlan 100 and your customers Internet traffic on Vlan 200 then in your CPE, configure your management Vlan to 100 and your data vlan to 200 on the configure > network screen.  your configured data vlan will have its tag stripped and presented to subscribers as untagged information . 

if you do not enter a vlan in the data vlan field for the cpe, you will need a device on the customers end to remove this tag. 

if your asking for it to bridge vlan 200 to vlan 100, best of my knowledge it can't do this yet.