Bridged units ignoring Subnet

We have a flat network and some of our uints are in bridge mode on Non Routable IPs.  In order for them to connect to cnMaestro we set up a router to do NAT.  It was working for the longest time but now some of my units won't connect to Maestro.  

I've got the router set to have a address on it's LAN

I have a Routable IP set on the WAN side.

I grabbed a unit that was previously connected without a problem for testing.  It was seeing Maestro just fine before.

The unit has an IP of

Going into the unit's ping tool and tyring to ping and it fails.  It won't even show dropped packets it just won't ping.

If I ping It gets replies.

I thought it was a NAT issue in the router but when I change the Unit IP from to It pings google just fine.  

I even tried the reverse by moving the LAN address of the router to be on with the unit still on and it works fine there too.  

It's almost like the unit is ignoring all the sudden that it's on a /19 subnet and is only wanting to be a /24.

Any thoughts .

BTW the router I'm using is a cnPilot R201

Hi ,

Which Firmware version do you have installed on your ePMP units?

Thank you.

The unit I'm using to test is on  A few of the other devices that are effected are on 2.6.1

Could you please try with 3.1 firmware?

Thank you.

Just updated my test unit to 3.1 and I'm getting a 

Console utility general error occurred.

when trying to ping

Upgrading to 3.1 does seem to have fixed my issues with my Roubable IPed unit having issues connecting to CnMaestro.  Still haveing problems here with these nonRoutabled units. 

It looks weird for me.

I've never seen such event before on 3.1 release.

Could you please try another unit?

Thank you.

I just upgraded a second one and I'm getting the same results.  

It's not like the networking settings are complex but here is some pics from the units.

Here is the NAT Router's LAN settings


Here is the Units Netwrok page. 

Unit Network.PNG

Here is the ping to google

And here is the Ping to the NAT router