Bridging MAC Address Limiting

It would be great if there was a feature in the PMP SMs that allowed us to limit the number of devices (MAC addresses) bridged through the SM.  It would be especially nice if we could configure this through RADIUS profiles so that it could be changed via the assigned package.  

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In ePMP we have "Number of Secure MAC Addresses" option which can limit the number of devices (MAC addresses) bridged through the SM.

You can specify the maximum number of unique devices (MAC Addresses) that
can connect via the SM’s Ethernet (LAN) port. Range is from 1 to 254 devices. 

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Would it be possible to have this in the Canopy radios as well.  Both FSK and PMP450?  Does the ePMP support changing the setting via RADIUS?  It would be great if the Canopy radios could be.

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I have been requesting this feature for the Canopy line since 2005 maybe....

it would be highly hellpfull for us to have this feature.


Another vote, added “Kudos”

Do we have any updates on this?  

This feature is currently under consideration for development. We will post an update when the feature development plan is finalized. For now, we encourage community members to kudo the feature and add any additional detail that would make it even more valuable.

This would make our PMP 430 SMs behave the way our GPON ONTs behave. I like the way Calix ONTs watch the DHCP transaction and limits to the MAC address that gets a DHCP. Traffic to / from any other MAC is dropped until the DHCP lease expires.

Targeted for Release 14.3

Matt, Thank you very much.

It should be possible to use the "Port VID MAC Address Mapping" feature under the Vlan TAB to only allow traffic from the connected routers MAC address. 

Do we have any updates on this request? Thank you.

Yes is  there any updates on this request.

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This is now active in 15.1. We are just starting to test it and I have not looked into if there is a RADIUS attribute for it yet, but GUI and SNMP look good so far. Thank you Matt and team.