Broadcast Storm

How can you prevent Broadcast storm taking down a cluster. We have experienced in the past where a customer with a loop on their network and they connect a Canopy directly to the same switch were the loop/ Broadcast is and it takes down a cluster. Is there any way to Prevent this?

sm isolation

thatoneguysteve wrote:
sm isolation

Also you can block crap from your customers, either by enforcing PPPoE or using NAT within the SMs.

we provide a dlink to every customer, its money well spent, we maintain it and dont provide them the password. We will foward a port upon request. Having a PC directly exposed to your network is begging for a huge headache.

we also insist that customer use a router, we help maintain it, and also setup port filtering on the sm itself, just for added security and helps if the customer starts messing with the router and plugs it in backwards (ie. sm into switch port)so they aren;t sending dhcp across your network to other customers

always check BootPServer in in the filter also. helps block outbound DHCP

All customers get a router, or the SM is set up for NAT.

We never connect a radio to a PC and assign the PC a routable IP.

Jerry, what do you do about customers that you setup for NAT, and then they go and purchase a router in the future and hook it up. Do you just tell them to call in if they ever get a router?

The router will grab an IP from the radio.

Unless they have an application that won’t tolerate double-NAT (which is rare) we don’t need to do anything.

If it’s an issue they call and we reconfigure the radio for bridge and walk them through assigning the IP to the router.

most of our customers are in a double NAT as it is, our site routers NAT internal to their Dlink we provide, many of them have a wireless router sitting behind that, so its a triple NAT environment, If a broadcast storm gets through that, then I quit.