Broken Graphs

The graphs seems to be broken. This happen on all of our accounts.

Could you share the cambium id in private message?

I also have this same problem with several of my clients..

@csalcedo, what version of cnMaestro are you running?  Cloud or On-Premises?  

I have the cloud version and since the last upgrade to Version 2.1.1-r14 the Throughput Graph on the Dashboard is broken like that.

Hi Cheree King,

Can you please invite to the affected account? We have made some fixes in recent times which I believe will be fixing this issue. I would like to cross-check the data to confirm.


Hi Cheere King,

Thanks for highighting the issue. This is broken in 2.1.1-r14 and got fixed in 2.1.1-r17 and builds after that. We will be updating the cloud servers shortly and the issue will get resolved.



Thank you!


Can you please confirm if the behavior is as expected in the latest build?



Yes, the graphs look correct now. Thank you!

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