Broken upload of software images

I am trying to upload new SW images to cnMaestro On-Premises 3.2.0-r5 but I always end up with some error. When uploading from local file the upload seems to be completed fully but then it throws the “Failed to update the JSON file” error. I was able to succesfully upload the tarballs for synced and non-synced N ePMPs but never succeeded with the “img” files for AC ePMPs, neither the tarballs for AC F300-13L (ePMP-AC-F300-13L_F300-25L-v4.7.0.1-RC6.tar.gz).
Software images I get offered to download from cnMaestro cloud are quite old (AC images are version 4.6.2) and the process of adding these images ends up with this error: “Error while uploading device software image from cnMaestro cloud.”
I cleared the browser cache several times, tried on 2 different machines, switched between Firefox 110 and Chrome 110, deleted all the cookies but with no effect.

We’re having the same problem.

I’m also having this problem.

Bump, I’m also having issue’s like this. My CnMaestro version is the latest 3.2.0-r7 ova. I got the firmware v4.7.0.1-STA firmware that has the AC image, along with the ubnt elevate (which we don’t use) gz tarball, the gps sync gz tarball, the non-gps sync gz tarball, and the Force 300L firmware gz tarball.

I was able to upload the gps/non-gps GZ v4.7.0.1-STA but cannot upload the other GZ file for the Lite radios or the disc image firmware for normal AC (epmp3000, regular/non-lite Force300’s) equipment. I just get the “Failed to update the JSON file” error as well. I’ve even rebooted my CnMaestro server to no avail.

I’m experiencing this issue as well. Has there been any fix or work around? Onpremise 3.2.0-r7 trying to upload EPMP 1k/2k Sync and non-sync images uploaded fine, force-300 & 3000l are failing with ‘Failed to update the JSON file’.

Robert, are you trying to upload a beta/rc/or STA version of firmware It’s just those I’m having trouble with for the AC disc image file upload, the regular firmware I was able to upload just fine on [CnMaestro] 3.2.0-r7

I’m unable to upload the stable version, no beta/rc.

cnMaestro On-Premises 4.0.1-r3 released on June 20th didn’t fix it either.

I’m having the same issue too.

Beta image won’t upload either - I tried ePMP-AC-v4.7.1-RC13.img

I also tried compressing the file into a tar/gzip but same error message.

Can @Rob or someone from Cambium suggest a workaround or give us ETA on fix as at present it looks like everyone running ePMP3000 / F300 are stuck running firmware that’s over 2 years old.

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If you’re still having problems, cambium has released a package of the firmware specifically for CnMaestro upload:

If you’re using Beta or STA firmware reach out to cambium for the bundled package for those.