Bufferbloat on cnPilot 19XY platform - Support of FQ_Codel and Cake

Hi Cambium team! As a WISP operator using mostly Cambium gear, I’ve been looking for a modern firmware on cnPilot 19XY routers that allow me to shape traffic at the edge, in particular the up-link with FQ_Codel and Cake.

My goal is to improve the customer experience and quality of service, protect the investment (I’ve a couple hundred cnPilot 19XY routers) and make sure Cambium is really helping me to simplify my operation to better serve my customers.

I have been asking for these features through official channels, and although I do appreciate the responsiveness of the support team, the official answer has been that these features aren’t and won’t be supported anytime soon. I saw a (similar) post in the past from Dave Täht but didn’t see any traction from Cambium.

With that said, I wanted to share that what I have been asking for is actually possible, as an experiment, I created my own firmware version based on OpenWrt and successfully deployed it on a cnPilot R190W router, you can read more about it on this post.

I’m really looking forward for seeing something like this coming from you directly, both on existing and newer generations of Cambium gear. Thanks!

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