Bug Fix Question

Since around v12 - 13 somewhere, there seemed to be a failure mode when using RADIUS where in rare occurrances, SMs would get stuck in REGISTERING, may be reachable through virtual session LUID, but not direct by IP until the device was rebooted.

I remember seeing in one of the early beta builds for 13.4.1, something along the lines of "SMs in REGISTERING mode will now register", and another note in a later beta build about some corruption fix regarding RADIUS.

I'm not catching this known limitation being listed as corrected in the final release notes - anyone at Cambium able to confirm that this has been addressed?  Maybe it's in the final release notes and I've just skimmed past it?

Yes we fixed the very same issue (stuck in registering SM can be reached via luid proxy) you describe in 13.4.1, I suggest you upgrade to 13.4.1 soon.

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