Bug when i set the color code

PMP 450 with firmware 15.1

When i select in Additional Color Code a number and i press "Enter" in the Keyboard, i see "Changes Updates" but nothing it's updated. If i click Add/Modify color code it's updated.
I think that in the old firmware 14.X worked.

Color Code.png

Thanks for bringing this to our attention... we will try to reproduce and root cause.  Stay tuned.

If you press the Enter key, the GUI will always execute the first button on the page.  In this case, that button is "Save Changes" (at the top of the page), and not "Add/Modify Color Code".

This is how the GUI functioned on 14.x as well as how it still works.

To properly add a color code, enter the number in the box, then click the "Add/Modify Color Code" button.  This will do what you intend.

Then, when you're done adding codes, you can "Save Changes" by clicking that button.

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I see some strange issues once in a while on various SMs running 15.0.2.x, 15.0.3 and 15.1. Sometimes adding/removing/modifying additional color codes will produce an "Unsaved Changes" message on the page. Then clicking the main save button produces a "Reboot Required" even though a reboot is not necessary for additional color codes, only the main / color code one.

Without rebooting, going to Config > Unit Settings and clicking Undo Unit-wide Saved Changes, then starting over with the additional color code changes first intended will work fine and no reboot is necessary.

Sometimes radios just act weird. Or it's some browser issue. Who knows.