"building to building" connection

We 'd like to connect 2 building. Can you guys provide me some infos about the products we need to do so?

What is the distance between the two buildings and also is there a specific speed needed?

Canopy offers “Backhaul” products for exactly this architecture. The BH’s are available in the 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.7GHz frequencies. The following link will take you to the Backhaul manual. Pages 17-19 discuss the ranges and speeds.

http://www.canopywireless.com/pub_files … alIss5.pdf


Thanks for your quick answer. The distance between the 2 building would be about 5 km ( 3-4 miles). It would be a single hop application then and there is not specifical speed needed. I think a 10Mbps data rate would be enough.
According to the table 2 found on page 17 (Canopy Blackhaul Module User manual), I would opt for the:

- 2400BH (DES) with 2400BH (DES)


- 2401BH (AES) with 2401BH (AES)

If my understanding is good, I need to buy two modules. Are the accessories included? Which accessories do you recommend us to buy?

I found your MSRP on Comstor’s website. Do you have more current price listing?



I would suggest a head set for listening to the alignment tone (plugs into the RJ-11 jack of the backhaul slave or SM) The part number is ACATHS-01. This is very useful for aligning the radios. The pitch is controlled by RSSI. As the RSSI goes higher (better), the pitch or frequency goes higher. Volume is controlled by jitter. As the jitter goes lower (better), the volume increases. Cadence is controlled by registration. When the SM registers to an AP (good) or a BHS registers to a BHM, the tone is interrupted every 2 seconds for .155 seconds of quiet.

Second I would suggest that you purchase reflectors with both radios.

You will need two radios for the point-to-point link (one on each end). Surge suppressors are highly recommended and a power supply is needed for each radio.

Here is a link off the Canopy site for world wide distributors. They will have current pricing on the product. Also, they will help in determining what other accessories may be needed.

Why would I need reflectors if the 2400BH can work in a 5 miles range?
according the specs, two 2400BH units would be enough for this distance.

If you know for sure that you have clear LOS with no Fresnel zone interference then you should be fine without refletors.

Yes, we have clear LOS with no Fresne zone interference.

So let me recap:

2 x 2400 BH module
2 x surge suppressor
1 x alignment tool headset
2 x power supply

Do you think Bandwidth and Authentication Manager Software would be useful?
Thanks again for your help and your quick answers.


I don’t see the need for BAM in this set up.

As far as I can tell you would need the items listed (besides bam) but again this would be something to discuss with a sales rep. They will make sure nothing is missed for your install.