Built in hot spot in ePMP Radios.

It will be great help if cambium integrate Hotspot into product itself. and provide Windows/IOS/Android based app.


Engineers / Riggers can connect to Radio’s hotspot using any ordinary smart phone and get radios configured easily.


there will be no need for battery packs or any laptop to carry on tower.


Even app, only with E detect and alignment tool is more than enough.


Stop by and meet with us at WISPAPALOOZA to see the latest developments in alignment capabilities.

Where can I find out how to use this feature?

On which epmp radio is the function? Will it work on our existing epmp radios?

To clarify - the ePMP SM is only able to function in one of these modes at a time:

  1. Normal ePMP SM connected to ePMP AP
  2. ePMP SM acting as a WiFi hotspot

This means you cannot connect via WiFi to an ePMP SM acting as a WiFi hotspot, and align it as a normal ePMP SM to an ePMP AP at the same time.

There is an alignment app available for ePMP in the iOS App Store - eAlign for ePMP - and an Android version is in development. You will need to connect a WiFi hotspot to the LAN port of the ePMP SM, whilst the SM is in normal ePMP SM mode, to use the app.