Burst/Sustainable speeds

So why does Canopy have the Burst/Sustainable speeds, it’s really frustrating when I start a download and have it going at 150k - 200k and have it drop down to 30k. Why can’t the sustainable speed be 150k - 200k?

It can be set wherever the service provider wants it.

As Shaman said, it’s all in what you set it at. Burst is a good thing.

Can you explain how long the burst is? Compared to sustainable? Actually, if you could point me to some documentation i’ll read up on it. thanks


What was told by me ISP, Burst only lasts for 5 minutes, this is a very misleading thing as other highspeed providers to not work in this way. They say 1.5mb down they mean sustained not some crock with that speed for only 5 minutes and then you get shafted with a 300k dl speed for the rest. I am very disappointed and I feel mislead by this.

So contact your ISP. This has no relevance to the Canopy Wireless forum, which is intended for companies using the product, not end users of some ISP’s service.

wirelessSolutions wrote:
Can you explain how long the burst is? Compared to sustainable? Actually, if you could point me to some documentation i'll read up on it. thanks



Whoa, that reply was around my first weeks of Canopy.

Oh good, then maybe you can up with an answer to your own question? :wink: Please post it if possible. :smiley:

I think Jerry Richardson had a post that talked about the burst acting as a bucket…and, well… maybe he’ll dig up that post! :slight_smile:

no more than 5 - 10 sec from what i can see thats why it is called burst it seems pretty easy to check just set burst widey open and set continious at 1 k and look at your watch. i guess thats what your asking


First you need to look at how TCP/IP works.

since more than half of the Internet users are still on Dialup, the majority of websites are built for 128k connections. There are others that require more bandwidth, but they are the exception.

when you hit a website, the speed is tested and ratchets up until the page loads or the max speed is reached. Usually the page will load before you hit 256k. therefore, general surfing does not need a connection more than 300k. When you start a large file transfer, your speed will burst to allow the download to go faster which is what most people are looking for.

Having a connection that is 300k burstable to 1.5M is your ISP’s way of providing you with service you can afford and still be profitable. If you want more speed, I am sure your ISP has a SOHO or a Business class plan that you can subscribe to.

Thanks :smiley: