C000065L002C PMP 450i DC input requirements

The C000065L002C is a specified power source for the PMP450i.
I need to power the C000065L002C using a DC source.
The C000065L002C has a DC input range of 37-60v according to its data plate.
Q1 Is a DC input of 48v to the C000065L002C sufficient/correct to power a 450i SM unit?
Q2 What power rating required for DC supply?

Appreciate any answers thanks

Q1) Yes, 48VDC input is sufficient and within the input range of 37-60V. This supply converts the output to 58 VDC.
Q2) The efficiency of the power supply is 90%, and the max power draw of the 450i is ~19W, so if you use an input supply capable of at least 21W, it should be sufficient.