C054045C009B model

Hi all!

Is there anybody who can tell me what type of cambium product is C054045C009B model?

Its shape is the same of PTP450 but PTP450 tech specs don't show the product number above.

Technical chat told me that C054045C009B shuld be a PMP450 but again C054045C009B  doesn't appear in PMP450 technical specs...

I'm 99% sure this is a PMP450 SM... see THIS link for some clues. The one an only Matt Mangriotis chimes in on the radio type :-)


In PMP450 tech spec all 5 GHz models end in ..5B, 6B, 7B, 8B ...there's no no 9B model

I'm using the TANAPA code to deduce the model type. I do not know why the model number cannot be found.

This model is unique for one specific customer, and is not sold to any others. It is not listed for that reason, and in fact will not work in any other network.

Where did you obtain this? Please contact me directly at matt @ cambiumnetworks.com to help you resolve this.