C3VoIP-200: Seemingly Random Short Rings?

Periodically, I will get a short ring from my phone connected to the C3VoIP-200 I've been using for testing. It hadn't happened in a while, then this evening it gave a short ring about 1-2 seconds after hanging up from two different calls. Sometimes, it will just ring at random (with no call record on my system).

Any thoughts as to why or specific settings I should adjust?

I am using a basic Panasonic KX-TGD210N DECT Phone for testing the C3VoIP-200 with all default settings (other than account information).

Thanks - Chris

Are you seeing this only with this specific phone? Of not, what is the softwswitch or sevice you are using for VoIP?

I have 6 devices registered to the that same service as a test. The C3VoIP is the only one that gets a short ring. I'll see if I can find another analog phone to test. The switch is a custom soft-switch.

I'll try to do some troubleshooting, but it is so sporadic that it is hard to troubleshoot (yesterday it happened ~5 times, today it did not happen at all). I figured I'd ask here incase it was a known configuration issue before digging too deep myself. I'll post an update when I have more information. 

I rearranged some equipment and it has now been 1 week since the last time the random short ring happened. I'm suspecting RF interference  from some other hardware causing problems with the DECT phone. 

Testing has been going very well. I'm hoping to connect some customers with this router next week.

EDIT - This was not the problem. The short rings are a result of the voicemail indication system. See post 7 below.

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Curious if you have had the opportunity to connect some customers and if so how the deployment was goinig.

@ScottImhoff wrote:

Curious if you have had the opportunity to connect some customers and if so how the deployment was goinig.

There was a significant delay in my shipment, and I have not received it yet. I managed to get two demo units, so I hope to hook those up today and tomorrow... and I expect my larger shipment next week. Then we'll see how deployment goes.

The short rings are new voice mail notifications! That took a while to solve. I've been using a dummy line so I only ever got voicemails as a test, not on a regular basis.

It appears the default setting results in short rings to notify the user of a new voicemail (or possibly any voice mail). I changed the setting "VMWI Serv" from Enable to Disable (see image below), and the short rings stopped, while MWI on my portable phone still works.

Thanks for the info.  I actually had this happen a few times during testing and I was unsure why it would ring like that after I hung up.