C4000 cnMaestro Appliance


We are trying to use C4000 cnMaestro Appliance with our customer, but we would need more informations for easier planning:

How is the licensing planned? It has option for 50 APs, with PRO license you get option for 200 APs. As far as I know, there still isn't PRO version pricing known - true? How can we use appliance for 100 APs if we can't buy license?

How is with warranty, by default there is probably 1 year warranty. Is possible to buy extended one? Or is there a known timeline when this shold be known?

Thank you!


I have forwarded this to our product team.


Great timing on the question AnzeZ,

The c4000 you have is not locked to the 50 AP adoption count.  It will adopt the full 200 APs as-is today.  We decided internally to remove the cnMaestro Pro requirement on the AP count.  That means we will never ask you to buy a cnMaestro Pro license to support 200 APs.

This change will be made to the product datasheet and updated on other product documentation.  This community notice is an advanced notification.

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Thank you for the update.

What about PRO features on C4000 cnMaestro Appliance, there will still be license for those?

You will probably also offer Extended warranty program, is there ETA on those part numbers and prices?

Thank you.

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