cable and dsl distributors

is anyone in here a reseller for comcast internet or possibly a reseller for a telephone coop for Dsl ? If so please let me know i have some questions.

Info-Ed inc.


well let me put it this way is there anybody that is reselling dsl or cable for another company at all?


We are a CLEC co-located in the local ILEC’s COs and selling our own DSL (we own the DSLAM, bandwidth, IPs, everything).

Is that close to what you are looking for?

yes that is what i am looking for. We are in the works for trying to convince our coop to let us offer Dsl service as well what i am looking for is like a copy of a contract showing all the things they require or do not require so we can make a good professional bid on this venture that would help us make a go of it.

see they have never did this before we will be the first ones so we need something to kinda go by

so if you had like an edited version of the contract or some detailed info on the contract it would be of great help cause in this hilly region i find it impossible to cover what i need wirelessly.

also i find it quite sexy hehe that we could do adsl2 with our own dslam and feed our ap’s with our on public ip info and save on the back haul cost.

Kenny Meadows
Info-Ed Inc.