Cable Diagram for 450i to remote 450i AP, and also pass 1 PPS Sync pulse

This cable will allow you to daisy-chain two 450i APs, providing a 100Base-T Ethernet connection with PoE, and 1 PPS sync timing source from one radio to the other.

This 1:2 split cable is only required if you  want both of these functions simultaneously.

Software Configuration

Radio #1 must be running off a PoE power source with

sync-over-power, leaving the Aux port free, and have the following settings configured:

IP > Config > Aux Ethernet Port > Enabled (optional, if you only want power)

IP > Config > Aux Ethernet Port > PoE > Enabled

General > Config > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

General > Config > Sync Output > Aux Port: Enabled


Radio #2 must have the following settings configured:

General > Config > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

General > Config > AP Type: Remote AP (not strictly required, but recommended)

Pins and Functions

The image below shows the cabling required to achieve each requirement as described below:

100Base-T Ethernet and/or PoE:

Pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 (Orange-White, Orange, Orange-Green, and Green)



Pins 7, 8 (Ground and 1PPS, Brown-White and Brown, respectively). These are the only required pins for sync, without Serial Rx/Tx on the Aux port (Serial Rx/Tx is currently unsupported).