Cable Diagram for CMM4 to 450i

Below please find the options to connect a CMM4 to the 450i radio:

Option 1: Purchase the "N000045L001A - Ethernet Cable Adapter for CMM4" from your reseller.  This dongle makes the proper pin swap to allow normal straight-thru Ethernet cables to be used to connect the CMM4 port to the main port of the 450i radio.

Option 2: Create your own cable. This cable will allow you to power a 450i radio from a CMM4 (as long as it has a suitable 56V power supply), as well as achieving 1PPS Sync over power, and Ethernet connectivity.

The image below shows the required pinout for proper functionality. It is a standard T568B-wired cable, but pins 5 and 7 must be crossed over as shown (i.e. the blue/whie stripe (pin 5) is swapped with brown/white stripe (pin 7) on ONE END of the cable).

For either connection method, the following Software Configuration parameters must be set.

Software Configuration

The 450i must have the following settings configured:

General Config Page > Sync Source > AutoSync or AutoSync + Free Run

The CMM4 must have the following settings configured:

Port Configuration > Device Type: 56V (for the port you intend to use) > Power: On

CMM Configuration: Select the appropriate/available CMM sync source

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Here are a couple of pictures of an actual cable that we've used in the lab for this connection, in case it makes things more clear: