Cable Glands on "next generation" integrated panel SM

Before this gets too far down the production line, I really, really hope I can stop you guys from sourcing stupid cable glands that require retermination of a cable like other radios  we've used over the years.

I can't recall who used them, but I know I've seen some that have a wide enough opening on the plastic (or metal) body for the RJ-45 connector to slide through, and a split rubber boot that squeezed down on the cable.  

This new product looks great, and I have been hoping to see an SM to use in more industrial settings.


thanks for the input.  You'll be happy to see the new PTP 450i and PMP 450i products which have this larger diameter RJ-45 gland.   We introduced these on the PTP 650 a while back and the feedback from installers has been great.

Look on the website for more 450i information which is our ruggedized PTP/PMP platform well-suited for industrial applications.