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I have the cacti EZ server and running and I cant seem to find anything documentation that gets me any further then getting the https://server:10000 up. I have put the scripts from the cacti forum in my var/www/html/scripts (or whatever) but how to do i execute them? is this doable through the webadmin page or what? what would the next step be? anyone have any documentation on this?


these are more or less the steps I took to create the Graphs Vince.
This is sorta from memory so bare with me.

1. Login to Cacti’s Web interface
2. Click Console TAB
3. Click “CREATE DEVICES” for network
4. New Screen will appear
5. Right hand side of Screen click "ADD"
6. New Screen will appear
7. Fill in DESCRIPTION (ie. TOWER1 > TOWER2 if a BH)
8. Hostname = Private IP address of SLAVE BH
9. Host Template = Generic SNMP-Enabled Host
12. SNMP Community String = Canopy (by default)
13. No SNMP UN or PW
14. SNMP Version = Version 2
15. SNMP Port = 161
16. Time Out = 500 (default should sufice)
17. Click ‘CREATE’ at bottom right
18. New Screen will appear
19. Top Right of Screen Click 'Create Graphs for this Host’
20. New Screen will appear
(I can’t quite rember these next couple of steps so I hope this is right)
21. SHould be 2 tables 1 is named “Graph Templates” and the other "Data Query"
22. Check the box on the right for Wireless Signal/Noise under the Graph Templates Table
23. Check the box on the right for Canopy Point to Point under Data Query table
24. Select from Drop Down Menu under the Data Query table "in/out bites with total Bandwidth"
25. Click Create
26. Choose Color on next screen screen then click Create
27. Click Graphs Trees on the Left menu
28. New Screen will appear
30. Click ADD on for Right
31. Tree type = HOST
32. HOST = IP of Radio you put in earlier should be listed if it is then select it
33. Graph Style = Graph Template
34. Click Create
35. Click Save
36. Graphs for that Radio should start with 5-10 minutes

If I missed something or if I got something wrong here can someone please fill.


Oh one more thing…Make sure you set the SNMP Community String and the IP address of your Cacti server in the Canopy radio it’s self. And uncheck READ ONLY as well

Go to Scroll to the 5th post down. Download the 3 files to your computer.

Install the 2 XML files using the Cacti “Import Templates” tool.

Log into the Webmin and install the getCanopyStats.tar using the “Upload Files” function in the Webmin/Others. I can’t recall if I had to check “extract .tar” - but I think I did.

Now go back to Cacti and create a device - select the appropriate template (AP or SM). Use AP for BH Master and SM for BH Slave. SNMP string should be “Canopy” and SNMP should be Version 2. Leave the ports at the default. Select “Monitor Host” if you plan to implement monitoring.

After you create the device, you will be prompted to create graphs. For AP’s I use the following:

> Motorola Canopy - AP - Ethernet Link Status
> Motorola Canopy - AP - GPS Link Status
> Motorola Canopy - AP - Registered SM Count
> Motorola Canopy - AP - Temperature
> Motorola PowerQUICC FEC In/Out Bits (shows bandwidth) - Frothing Dog uses In/Out Bits w/ Total Bandwidth - I think I’ll try that.
> Advance Ping

Similar setup for the SM’s

for the CMM and switches I use "Generic SNMP Enabled Device"

for the Router I use "Cisco Router"

Let me know if you need assistance

To get to Cacti - go to the IP address of the server and you will get a username and login screen.

Follow this:

i love you guys…thanks for your help…im sure with this info i can get it

ok i seem to have a few test devices added…the graphs are set up but there is not data on the graph.

on the canopy side, on the config page under snmp I have…

community string set tp Canopy

Subnet (i tried the subnet and it just registered it as down) only seems to work on

Ip is set to the IP of the server which is

then none of the options below that are checked.

what am i missing?

Log into the Server Webmin at https://your_server_ip:10000. Go to Others/File Manager - this will load a JAVA app file browser

Go to /var/www/html/scripts. There should be two files:
If not, you need to load them.

Log into Cacti and go to Graph Templates. Make sure that you have the following templates installed:
- Motorola Canopy - AP - Ethernet Link Status
- Motorola Canopy - AP - GPS Link Status
- Motorola Canopy - AP - Registered SM Count
- Motorola Canopy - AP - Temperature
- Motorola Canopy - SM - Ethernet Link Status
- Motorola Canopy - SM - Jitter
- Motorola Canopy - SM - Power Level (dBm)
- Motorola Canopy - SM - RSSI
- Motorola Canopy - SM - Session Status
- Motorola Canopy - SM - Temperature

Check the Canopy device and make sure the SNMP is set as follows:
- Community String = Canopy
- Accessing Subnet =
- All Trap Addresses =
- Sync Status and Session Status = Disabled
- Permission = Read Only

Finally, Add a device
- Description = Friendly Name
- Hostname = IP address of the device
- Host Template = Type of device, AP or SM. for BH/M use AP, for BH/S use SM
- SNMP Community = Canopy (case sensitive)
- No user names
- SNMP Version = Version 2
- SNMP Port = 161
- SNMP Timeout = 500ms

Next, click Create Graphs for this Host
- Select the items you want to graph
- Select Motorola PowerQUICC FEC In/Out Bits

It takes abbout 5 minutes to get enough data to start a graph.

Use the Graph Tree to organize devices in to groups.

We use:
- 1. Servers, Routers, Switches
- 2. Backhauls
- 3. Access Points
- 4. Monitored Customers (we sell monitoring with our 179.00 and up services)

Hope this helps.

Cacti ez has been up and running, it works great! I would really like to thank you for your help! I have all the graphs up and running and this is awesome. Its totally a program that should be worth some serious $$$. I urge any canopy user to put one of these boxes on thier network.

I formated my already configure box (yes im a moron its a long story) and it only took me about 45 minutes to get all my AP graphs reconfigured.

Very painless installation!

If anyone needs help setting a box up lemme know and I will help!

Thanks again jerry and frothingdog!


Any time Vince

Good stuff.