Cacti Templates for PMP450 and PTP 650

Does anyone have any templates that they can share?

Juts going to deploy our first units and would like monitoring on right away.


We have founf templates for the PTP650.

Still looking for PMP450. Does anyone have anything they can share?

Hello .

Where did you find it ?.

Im looking for ptp650 template.


Can you please email me your address so I can send it to you.

Not having any luck inclusing an attachement.


Did you manage to locate a PMP450 template?

I am using this:

This is working well for us.

Thanks, yes we found this and are using it as well.

Hi, could you send me ptp450 templates please. Thank you in advance

My e-mail:

I clicked on the link to get the Cact templates but it said web site not found.

Is there a new link?

Can I have the same template as well. Pls. send to

Many, many thanks.