Cacti Templates

I have been running Cacti for PMP100 for years successfully and have recently upgraded to Cacti version 0.8.8b. After this I lost the following graphs:

AP Registered SM Count
SM Signal Strength dBm

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know of a fix?

Upgrade of Cacti probably broke your custom SNMP data sources. You’ll likely need to go into Data Templates and review the content in there.

Hi. We have a bunch of Canopy 900Mhz AP's and SM's that I'd like to graph with CACTI.  I'd love to hire someone to set this up for me, or buy a beer for soemone who can hold my hand. :)  We have a couple thousand other types of radios graphing with CACTI, but I've never been able to figure out how to get the Canopy ones graphing....     so, if anyone thinks they can help, let me know. :)

Hi again.  Is there anyone who can make any suggestions, or is there anyone I can hire to get our PMP100 (Canopy 900Mhz) gear graphing in CACTI - or in any SNMP graphing package?

What firmware are you running on your Canopy radios? The OIDs might change with a major revision. We run 13.2.1 on our equipment.

We don't operate PMP100 here, we operate PMP450. As such, I might be off on some specifics, so bear with me.

You might be using a template file from Mine are stored in :


Therein, there is a template called motorola_canopy_whisp-aps.xml. Here you can find some specific OIDs associated with the graphs. You might try altering this file with some other OIDs to fit your data.

   <name>Number of registered SMs</name>

You might try . for this.

For signal strength, you might look at a different file, motorola_canopy_whisp - whispLinkTable.xml.


There might be a better OID for either of those, or use those where you think appropriate.

MIBs are published on the website

but browsable (in a MIB browser) MIBs were more difficult to find and I can't remember where I got them. Send me a PM and I can send you the MIBs I have, which have been reliable for me.

Ultimately, we elected to stop relying on cacti for this type of radio monitoring and have built another set of scripts to collect and display data. It's rudimentary, but it works for us. I spent several days last week looking at all the diffent MIBs and building templates.