CactiEZ Plugin, or stand alone Linux APP to manage IP's

I currently use CactiEZ and LOVE it! I need to manage IP Addresses. Currently I manage 3 Public Class C’s and 1 Private Class B in Excel, but there will be more.

When I need to assign an IP, I look up the next open IP on the list, check MacTrack to make sure it’s not in use and then provision it.

What I would like:
A plug in that will database the IP spaces we have and allow provisioning of IP’s from a Web Interface. Ideally I would use a pull down menu to select the IP block I am working with, and then have several options:

1. Add user/device and request next IP
2. Modify user/device
3. Delete user/device and release IP for use.

We use the private IP’s to manage our switches, and canopy radios. Devices are grouped into blocks of 255, for example:
- Switches, Backhauls, and Management Devices
- AP1, with SM’s on that AP as
- AP2, etc

Additionally, the database will be compared to the IP’s in MacTrack (or ARP table from the Cisco 3600 Router) and provide a list of any IP’s that do not have any customer information associated (Rogue IP’s)

Another excellent feature would be a Duplicate IP report that sees two MAC Addresses for the same IP.

Any suggestions? If it does not exist, and someone wants to write this and provide instructions to install it on my CactiEZ server I will pay. I am not, nor do I wish to be a programmer.

Alternately, this could be a stand alone program that installs on our CactiEZ box. The OS is a stripped down CentOS 4.


try ipplan

we use it to manage a block of /20 and a /21

Looked at it. Could not get it running on our Win2003 server. Wouldn’t know where to start on our Linux server

I’d like to thank VJ for installing IPPlan on our CactiEZ box.

This is amazing. I now have active management of 3 Public Class C’s and 13 1/2 Class C private IP’s as well as the ability to scan the network and see if assigned IP addresses are live, or if there are live IP’s I don’t know about. The results are shown right in the IP list.

I highly recommend it. Bye Bye Excel!!!

Very cool, thanks again VJ!

I am trying to install IPPLAN on our CACTIEZ server - I can get as far running the install.php then it prompts for a username and password - I have tried every combination I used on this server with no luck - please help.

Edit the config.php file with the password you wish to use for the administrator account. Then you can log in and create users and groups.

Thanks Jerry, I had changed the database password but totally missed the admin password section :slight_smile: