CALEA Compliance Devices

I would really like to know what device or service you guys are using for CALEA

We use a Trusted Third Party, Martin-Group provides the probe, performs the annual testing and sends you a letter confirming the testing. Additionally, if I ever receive the law enforecement request, although I am teh CALEA Compliance Manager, I simply contact Martin-Group and they handle everythin else. It will cost you in the neighborhood of $400 a month so it’s up to you. You can always pruchase your own probe but at the time I looked at it, you were talking around $10k to $12k for a probe. I figured it was worth not having to fool with and as it turned out, I had a probe go bad in less than the 25 month break even window so it actually saved me $10k. Martin group replaced it as part of their service.

Theres another company called Parasun Technologies that was supposed to be very good but they were bought out by iBBs and I’m not sure they offer the Calea service or not. Hope this helps.

I use Solera Networks. I’m going to switch to NetEqualizer since it can do it too. Solera has more features, but the whole CALEA thing is so vague.