Call Centers

Do any of you guys use a call center to answer your phones?

I’m using a company called North Star I was better off with customer’s just leaving messages for call backs, literally.

In my situation a Call Center is a necessary evil but I would like to find a better one…

We just set up with ServerPlus. They came highly recommended.

I’ll let you now how it goes.

our “call center” is in house. im 50 % of it lol

Same here we catch our on calls. Not to bad but we only have 600 customers. we get one or two calls a month.

Yeah, we don’t get alot of calls, but it seems that they come at the worst possible time. I finally got tired of being held hostage to the network.

clueless wrote:
Same here we catch our on calls. Not to bad but we only have 600 customers. we get one or two calls a month.

i wish. we probably get 20-30 a day.
  1. If we had 2300 customers… We might get that many calls also. maybe one day we will know!! LOL
clueless wrote:
8) If we had 2300 customers.. We might get that many calls also. maybe one day we will know!!

Same to me :lol:
We have about 200 subscribers and get about 2-3 a week...

Between sales and tech our phones can get pretty busy with 1500 customers. Our company is extremely customer service based and that is why we make most of our money. I would be concerned with the quality of any call center because bad word of mouth can quickly spread. We make it really simple for our customers…

1. sales is open mon-fri 9-5pm, calls after hours will be returned promptly at the next sales shift.

2. technical support is open 8:30-5pm mon - sat, calls after hours will be returned promptly the next shift. However the network is monitored 24/7 and any network issues are always promptly resolved.

People seem pretty happy with that commitment and dont expect much more. I can only stress how important good customer service is, if we can compete with cable and dsl by providing good support we must be doing something right.

So explain your 8-5pm tech support…

Say I have a problem getting on the internet at 6pm. I reboot my router and my pc but i’m too much of a lunkhead to realize i need to reboot my CPE as well. I call in for help and leave a message.

Do you call me back the next day or do you call me back that same evening?

Spoke with a company called Innovative Support Solutions today. They seem to have their act together on both the sales and support piece. They give you a 24x7 live chat interface you can add to your website and charge $1.50 per sub per month flat fee. They know how to walk a user through rebooting CPE, isolating the problem down to computer, router, cpe or network and as a bonus are familiar with both Canopy and Alvarion.

Sounds like they may be a winner.

Is it also phone or web chat only?


amd: I’ll volley back since vince hasn’t gotten to you yet. It sounds like we operate a lot like he describes.

We have VM after hours, and return the calls next morning. Business clients take priority over residential. There are a few grumps about it, but by and large if things are handled professionally and promptly, people are satisfied.

It’s better in my mind than handing your business reputation over to someone else.

weve started using a vmail for after hours. but our office time is 8am-7pm mon-fri and 9-3sat so its not too bad

CVS is correct about how we operate. A VM promptly returned the next morning doesn’t get me to many complainers. We state very clearly our tech support policy in our contract and explain it to them while we are going over the contract.

When you only have ~1500 customers its crazy to provide 24/7 tech support, esp because at night i can get anywhere from 0-2 calls a night. And you would be surprised how often one of those calls is a sale inquiry. I have never been able to make sense of it.

They call at night because they finally give in after waiting 10 minutes for amazon to load on the dialup only to get kicked off.

Just a quick update. Since starting to ISS the amount of calls I actually have to take care of has dropped to all but nothing. We’re adding an army of Hotspots to the network and they are going to take on the support of those at $1 per user also. Lot of bang for the buck and my customers have done nothing but rave about them.

We use which is actually a subsidiary of Texas Communications, but is still technically a separate company. our tech support is Mon-Sat., if they call 8-5, mon-fri. they reach our local office, if after hours they are transferred to tech support in abilene, tx. if they cannot resolve the issue a trouble ticket is created and is promptly resolved the following business day. Our network is monitored 24/7 so any major issues are promptly resloved.