Cambium 450m reporting 1000Base-X Half Duplex

I've got a pair of 450m's that are going into a Dell s4048-on with SFP+ 1/10gb interfaces on the Dell and the recommended SFP from Cambium in the 450m.

I forced the speed to 1Gb on the Dell, and then forced the Cambium to "Forced 1000FX" so they would both link correctly. This seems to work and everything is passing traffic correctly, but on the web interface of the 450m it says that it is linked at 1000Base-X Half Duplex.

As far as I'm aware you can't even have half duplex on an SFP interface, is this just a reporting bug?


I have forwarded this to our support team

The team is trying to reproduce this issue and will post results here... hang tight. Is the radio working as expected in terms of throughput and performance?

(I suspect you're right about the status message, but we'll get to the bottom of it).


Yes radio seems normal for performance and throughput. No error counters on the switch or ethernet on the radio.