Cambium cnRanger 201 cnMaestro onboarding

We have our PMP450 SMs able to get provisioned into cnMaestro without needing the Cambium ID and onboarding key of our on-prem maestro server. Is there a setting on the cnRanger or in cnMaestro that can allow cnRanger devices to do the same? We are using third-party eNodeB, in case that makes a difference.

With PMP, the SM learns details of your cnMaestro instance from the AP and shows up in the onboarding queue automatically. This feature is not yet supported on cnRanger, and even when it is supported in future, it will work only when using cnRanger BBU.
So with cnRanger SM and 3rd party eNodeB, only way to onboard is to login to the SM and enter the cnMaestro details. If you use cnArcher for installing the cnRanger SM, this can be done from the app itself.

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