Cambium Connections Annual Broadband SP Survey and Cambium Connections Virtual Event Invitation

Hello Everyone !

As a prominent ISP in this region, I would like to invite you to the Cambium Connections event happening in September’21 and also invite you to participate in a ISP business survey. Please find below the details for your kind reference. I would much appreciate your valued participation and inputs.

Cambium Networks is committed to the success of broadband service providers around the world and keep working to bring cutting edge technology innovation to our customer. We are conducting our 5th annual Broadband Service Provider Market Survey. This is a vendor-neutral survey and would take about 10 minutes of your time to complete. The survey focuses on the state of the current internet & data business, industry trends and opportunities in the marketplace.

Please click on the link below to commence the survey.

On completion of the survey, Cambium Networks will be glad to provide you with a complete report of the survey results. The survey results are expected to be published in October.

Also I want to express my gratitude and humbly invite you to the Cambium Connections Virtual Event happening next month where we will talk about next generation multi-gigabit technology innovation and solutions that would make connectivity even better, simpler, and indeed faster. This time, there are FOUR SESSIONS to choose from (one for each region).

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