Cambium e410 cannot connect to other devices on the same vlan/subnet


I have configured cambium e410 ap in normal bridge mode. The network is setup in default premises i.e. VLAN1.

Sophos xg85 ==> Switch ==> Cambium e410 ==> PC-B/PC-C

The pcs connected to cambium receive ip from sophos xg85 and can ping each other, the sophos gateway, cambium e410 ap and the internet (e.g. However, they cannot ping the servers or other pcs on the same network which are connected to the switch but not the cambium ap. The other server/pcs can ping and access cambium ap/PC-B/PC-C but cambium ap/PC-B/PC-C cannot ping/access the other hosts.

I have the same setup with a TP link router which is configured in bridge mode and all the hosts can ping/access each other.

Is there any configuration that I am missing?

I have attached the network diagram as well as the configuration screenshot for cambium e410.


don't see any pssoibel issue with configuration screen shot attached. did we tried doing packet capture on the port to which server / TP-Link AP. 

can you share ap techdump to 

The only feature which could potentially cause this behavior is client isolation, but I see it is disabled in the attached screenshot. Anyway AP is in the bridge path, so possibly you can check the bridge table of the switch to see if they are learning the mac address of the wireless client. Aso packet capture on the AP interface or you can mirror the switch port on which the AP is connected and connect a laptop to the mirrored port to see the packets from the client.



I will perform a packet capture on the mirror port and see if anything is blocking the packets.