Cambium ePMP 1000 radio login page loading problem


My firmware v2.5.2, After changing Web access HTTP to HTTPS in Cambium ePMP 1000 radio, i am facing  login page loading problem problem. Now I cant login to the radio. how can I enter to the radio. please see pictures.



Hi Airnet,

As I can see from the attachment, you are facing issues in loading the GUI. Please let me know if you have tried different browsers. Also check if you are  able to ping the radio. you should be able to access the radio using https://x.x.x.x once you have changed from http to https. 


Vivek Gupta 

I already tried with  and but not loading the page.

Can I fallback from https to http by CLI mode? If possible how to log in to CLI and what is the command?


Via CLI mode, use the commands below:

config set webService 1

config save

config apply

You will find the CLI Manual version 2.4.3 here.