Cambium ePMP2000 connection error.

i have a sector mounted on a tower with perfect line of site to the subscriber and the subscriber is in the 90 degree radius. client still having problems with package loss..??

Do you see packet loss on the radio? It could be interference.

May I know what is the software version on the AP and SM, please ensure they are on the latest/same release.

Please check uplink/downlink RSSI (under Monitor - wireless) and the %age re-transmission and MCS distribution (under Monitor - Performance), this will give us a good idea on what could likely be causing this issue.

You may also open a ticket with our support team for further assistance.

Please go to the Support Center portal: and log in using your Cambium Single Sign-On (SSO), then click on "Submit a Request". You'll be taken to page with a drop-down menu to begin entering your ticket request.

For a detailed walk-through, please watch this video.