Cambium f425 not registering

Hello, any one can help me with the issue with my PTP link Cambium Force 425? The other Antenna cannot see or scan the other one. I tried a lot but it is showing unknown registration… Than you!

Hey welcome to the Cambium forums! So first off, I’m fairly certain that you just asked this question and got a number of responses in the Cambium User Group facebook forums for this issue.

At this point I’m not sure what you expect this forum, with pretty much all the same people that responded to you in the facebook group is going to do differently for you.

I think where you left things off, you tried swapping the rolls of the radios and now the new SM cannot see the AP in the scan list. I think a number of people have asked you for screenshots as well and you haven’t provided anything.

At this point I’m going to suggest that you open a ticket with Cambium and go through troubleshooting steps with them. I’m thinking you have a bad radio and you’ll need to go through the troubleshooting steps with them first in order for them to authorize an RMA.

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Hello Eric, I have remove the both the radio from the tower and pair them on the bench. I have succeeded pairing them on the bench but when I install the antenna back to the tower 7 kilometers away from each other, I cannot see in the scan list the AP. Then, I swap the antenna which the AP before I made it as SM vice versa. After swapping I scan and found in scanning list the other radio. Is it problem in alignment?

Please try updating your firmware on both side to 5.4.1-RC10. You can find a link to download that HERE.

Hi Eric, which one will I will download? There are 2 files.

I assume you’re outside of the USA and using ROW radios? Just use the FCC one.

Thanks a lot! I will try this. But is there a possibility that the problem is the alignment?

No, this is most likely not an alignment problem because you’re able to hear the other side at -54dBm. This is typically a good enough signal to be able to register.