Cambium force 300

Hi I have 2 PTP force 300 configured in bridge and connected to a switch. My network is up and every so often the link goes down. If I log onto the switch the port which connects the LAN of the subscriber radio is offline.  

Have you updated to the newest release, 4.3.2?

is microtik used as a switch? and auto negotiate off?

I am using a transition network switch. Funny thing is that I have no problems with the cambium force 200 radios. They work fine. I tried 10 Mbps Full and auto negotiate off and noticed data passed for about seven days until the switch shut down the port again. Only solution is resetting the switch.  No problems what so ever with cambium force 200.

No I have version 4..3.1 installed

@dxhyp wrote:

No I have version 4..3.1 installed

Try running 4.3.2 and report back.

I updated both radios and keep getting the same results.Guess the update did not help the problem I am experiencing.  The lan port on the subscriber radio keeping changing between on and off. Logged onto my transition switch and its is saying the the port is down( the one connected to the subscriber)