Cambium Link Planner "Max Receive Power" correlation to RSSI

Cambium Link Planner uses the term "Max Receive Power".  What is the correlation between RSSI and "Max Receive Power"?

Hi ,

The "Max Receive Power" is the Best possble RSSI valuse which we can accpect from the radios  for the link.

There is always small variation like - + 5 dBm.



Thus in Cambium Link Planner would the “predicted Receive Power” be equivalent to a “Predicted RSSI” value and is there any documentation supporting this correlation?

The terms Receive Power and RSSI can be used interchangeably in this context. The Predicted Receive Power shown is the maximum receive power when using products in Adaptive Modulation mode which adapt the transmit power with modulation mode. For these products the Predicted Receive Power is for the lowest modulation mode when the maximum transmit power is used. For unlicensed band products such as PTP 650 or PTP 700 when the product is in alignment mode, it operates in the lowest modulation mode and therefore the Predicted Receive Power shown in LINKPlanner correlates to the measured receive level on the product during the alignment process.

When the product is in normal operation, then it is likely to be operating in a higher modulation mode with a lower transmit power and hence the receive power measured on the product will be lower than the Predicted Receive Power.

For products which are either operating in fixed modulation mode or don’t adapt transmit power with modulation mode, then the Predicted Receive Power directly correlates with the receive level on the product during normal operation.

Appreciate the clarification that RSSI and Receive Power can be used interchangeably and further explanation regarding Adaptive Modulation mode.  The second part of my question, however, requested documentation.  Is there any documentation that I can reference covering this topic specifically RSSI/Receive Power?


There is information in the LINKPlanner User Guide about the Predicted Receive Power parameter, however we don't have anything that correlates RSSI and Receive Power, as in LINKPlanner we have standardized on the Receive Power term. RSSI is more commonly used in products where it is showing representations of the receive power, such as graphs or alignment tools.