Cambium Networks Animal Farm Session

Join us for the Animal Farm session as a free webinar this week.

Wednesday 18 March, 8:00-9:30 AM Central (same time our session would have been at the show)


  • Intro and Cambium Overview – Matt Mangriotis, Director, Product Management
  • 60 GHz – Allen Yu, Director, Product Management
  • PMP 450 Updates/Roadmap/CBRS/cnRanger – Matt Mangriotis, Director, Product Management
  • ePMP New Products/Roadmap – Bruce Collins, Director, Product Management and Sakid Ahmed, General Manager, ePMP
  • cnHeat (including customer testimonial) – Dan Sullivan, Director, System Architecture
  • cnPilot/Xirrus – Daran Hermans, Director, Product Management
  • cnMatrix – John Mead, Senior Director, Engineering
  • cnMaestro – Azif Abdulsalam – Principal Solutions Architect
  • 28 GHz / 5G – Matt Mangriotis, Director, Product Management
  • Q&A

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Post any questions that you have to this thread, and we will be sure to answer them in the webinar or online.


For those that attended, thank you!

The webinar recording is here:

The slides that were presented are available for download, and are attached to this post as well.

It was a great discussion, and we had tons of questions. I will post the Q&A transcript here in a bit...

If you don't see your question, didn't get your question answered, or have further questions, feel free to post them here.


Here is the Q&A from the session:

Category Question Asked Answer Given
60 GHz What is proposed range for V1000? with regionK, 99.99%, Distance between V5000 to V1000 is about 200m
60 GHz What bands will the 60GHz cover? Covers Channels 1 through 4
60 GHz Does that 60ghz DN require PoE, or can it run on direct DC power instead? Radio is powered through PoE. We also offer a miniadatpor, which can take DC input and power the radio. Similiar like we did today on PTP 820.
60 GHz Will the range be 200 meter or longer range will be avail? for longer range, we can use V3000 high gain CN, which can support up to 500m in a PMP configuration, or 800-1000m in a PTP configuration (using Region K, 99.99%)
60 GHz Will they be 11AY based? it is pre-802.11ay based (NOT 802.11ad), but we believe we can migrate to 802.11ay once it is finalized with software upgrade, no hardware change is required.
450 What IPv6 and DHCP features are being planned for PMP 450 R20?  It will support IPv6 for Device Management, we already pass IPv6 data and added IPv6 filtering rules in a previous release.  We support DHCPv6 and DNSv6.   We are looking at doing 6to4 for our current NAT implementation as well.
450 Could you please discuss using 450m in place of LTE in sub 3 mile applications? There is a great white paper online here: that discusses the tradeoffs between technologies. For more specific questions, feel free to ask more below.
450 Do the 450 micropop solutions have non-intrusive spectrum analysis/scanning like ePMP 3000? The 450 MicroPoP operates the same as normal 450 family of products, so the spectrum analyzer is still an interruptive act.
450 Does the 450 MicroPoP support GPS sync? The 450 MicroPoP does indeed have onboard GPS for both the sector and omni.
450 Does PMP with CBRS is also availble now in Puerto Rico? This is being worked on. We are working very closely with the SAS Administrators to determine when CBRS can be used in Puerto Rico (and how much spectrum might be available). Stay tuned.
450 We currently used Telrad for 3.65 GHz.  Can you discuss some differences, Pros/Cons, compared to 450B?  How long has this product been out?  Is EOLO using 450B? There is a white paper on our site that discusses LTE v. 450 and the performance tradeoffs. We also have numerous customers that have been through this discussion. I can certainly connect you to any of them willing to share their experience. Eolo is almost exclusively 5 GHz, but yes they use both the original SM, and the 450b. (The 3 GHz 450b was just released, but the 5 GHz version has been out for ~18 months).
450 what size channel can the Micropop 450 support? All channel sizes any 450 can support: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 MHz
450 What is the max Tx Power on the 450 MicroPoP? Tx Power of the MicroPoP is up to 27 dBm... you can get nearly the maximum EIRP available in 5 GHz using even the omni.
450 what is speed and capacity of mini pop The 450 MicroPoP does everything that a full AP does with respect to speed and capacity, up to 40 MHz channels (300 Mbps). 
450 Does the 450B mean that the traditional unit is going away, or will that be our only option for higher client gain? If you're talking about 3 GHz, we are not retiring the original 450 SM in the near future. We will give at least 6 months notice for End of Sale of the original 450 SM.
cnRanger If we tried LTE with 3ghz Medusa and we hated it, could we convert that Medusa back to a "normal" PMP 450 AP? It would be a software change, yes. (This is not developed yet, but I cannot forsee a reason why this would not work).
cnRanger 2 CA requires new RRUs? We will be able to do 2CA with single RRH
ePMP EPMP - Hardware Changes, Are there plans to change model deisgns?  EPMP3000 AP, Mounting the Radio to the 4x4 Antenna is a pain in the field (Small nuts, etc)  Force 300 Single UBolt much harder to install than Force200 design No plans to make any changes. However, we are engaging customers on our next generation designs such as AX based stuff and aspire to do better.
ePMP Does the ePMP MicroPoP support GPS sync? No, it does not support GPS sync. With an omni antenna even if you have GPS sync you are going to pick up noise from all directions so we did not see the need or benefit of adding GPS sync for the cost
cnHeat What does cnHeat use for clutter data? LiDAR with 1 meter resolution.  If no LiDAR, private data can be obtained.
cnHeat So, if my State provides LiDAR data for my area of VT you use it? That is right. Vermont is covered.
cnHeat 5Ghz and 3, no 2.4, right? 5 GHz and 3 GHz LOS today.  End of April we will be extending 3 GHz to nLOS / NLOS.
cnHeat CNHeat -- Site being tower or ISP?  Site is a tower.  For Hiawatha, he was showing each of his different sites / towers.
cnHeat How fast is the process of implementing the CNHeat per tower. ? When we receive a cnHeat order and the site information, we try to turnaround the order within one week.
cnHeat Cost of CNHeat? Per site pricing. 
· PS-MP3M3Y-RW: Three-year subscription at $12.50 per month paid quarterly ($37.50) with twelve payments
· PS-MP3Y-RW: Three-year subscription at $425 paid up front
· PS-MP3M1Y-RW: One-year subscription at $18.75 per month paid quarterly ($56.25) with four payments
· PS-MP1Y-RW: One-year subscription at $212.50 paid up front

· PS-ADSP-US: 100 addresses for $25.00 sent to service provider
· PS-ADMF-US: 100 addresses for $25.00 sent to Market Broadband
cnHeat What are the onetime and ongoing costs of cnHEAT? Just provided pricing in previous question.  I will summarize here per site here.  $12.50 / month for three year subscription and $18.75 / month for one year subscription.  Can pay up-front, too, your choice.
cnHeat any easy way to convert from to cn Heat? There is not.  But, you can provide us data in one of three ways: 1) provided spreadsheet to capture site / AP information along with SM used, 2) LINK Planner, 3) if you can export from a tool with this information, send it to me and I will see if I have the information needed.
cnPilot Plans for WiFi6 on cnPilot? Yes.  we are working with the chipsets designed for home and SME.  We are designing a new ID targeted to service providers
cnPilot Are you considering adding an industry-standard UPS connector for the R195P?  Fiber ONTs have them. no, we did not choose to do that.
cnPilot WIFI - Really need a MESH/BPL Solution for inside homes. customers want Wifi everywhere, and hard to reach with single router.   I agree 100%.  Today, you can use WDS MESH on the R-series, but the better solution would be based on EasyMESH.  We're working on it
cnPilot Ideal would be a main router that would BPL to remote nodes hmmm.  are you a fan of Broadband over Power Line?  Maybe I have had too many years of disappointment with BPL and high packet latency.
cnPilot How does the r195w and r195p antenna pattern/coverage compare? 195W is external, 195P is internal.  so, the patterns will be different.  I'll have units to test the antenna first week of April.  We designed the internal antenna to be 4-5dBi, but as you know, it has to be tested.
cnPilot I would love an R series router with an SFP WAN port to use with our ActiveE customers.  Just throwing that out there. Absolutely!  I couldn't agree more
cnMatrix Will there be -48V or +48V DC power supplies? yes, we do support -48 and +48
cnMatrix Switching - Will there be an outdoor POE swtich release?  We use the UBNT Edgepoint-S16 now.  Fiber/DC to the top of the tower, short patch cables to each radio.  Would like to see something similar from Cambium.   The Tower Switch series is expected at the end of 2020, and was previewed in the slides.
cnMatrix do the switches support OSPF? Do they support  different network/interface types i.e point-to-point / point-to-multipoint or do they  just suport broadcast  ? Yes, we support OSPF.
cnMatrix Any word on an outdoor cnMatrix switch?  Or NON rack mount form factor? Yes, also a sneak peak, but we are working on an outdoor switch.  We do have protos in house.  4 ports, IP67, pole or wall mountable.  1st version supports internal AC supply.   offers, 802.3af/at/bt, and low voltage passive PoE.
cnMatrix How many 450m's can a switch provide POE power to? on the TX2012R-P - we support upto 4 450M's, on the TX2020R-P and the TX2028R-P, we can support upto 8  450m's
cnMatrix Do the tower switches have a 48v DC power option? Yes, we have 6 different removeable power supplies.  3 AC supplies and 3 DC supplies.   These 3 supplies, support anywhere from 500W up to 1000W for PoE use.   The DC in voltage does support 36v - 60v DC in.  
cnMatrix Do the switches support Netconf? No, Netconf is not yet supported.
cnMaestro When will cnMaestro provide longer historical data storage?  One week isn't very useful. Its planned in Q2 ,2020, as part of a cnMaestro Pro subscription.

Regarding the competitive comparison on page 7, what products are you comparing to?

Most of the 802.11ad WISP-focused products I know of support channels 1 - 4.5, so you're already behind by not supporting that other half channel.

Also, why not full V-band support? Peraso announced a chip earlier this year that supports the full band.

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I'm running a modeling analysis for large service provider in US. I have couple of questions regarding the range:

1) you mentioned that the distance between V5000 to V1000 is about 200m with region K, 99.99%. What modulation is this value referring to?

2) what would be the distance between V5000 and V5000 at max modulation with region K, 99.99%?


Here is the range vs. capacity for region K with 99.99%. SInce the DL:UL ratio is 50:50, the throughput shown here is the one direction throughput. Depends on which channel is used, CH4 will have better perofmrance than other channels as it is more closed to E-band. The 200 meter guide provide 370Mbps in UL or DL thorughput.

To support MCS-12, 99.99% in region K, the distance between V5000 to V5000 is 50 meters.

What i am refering to the products from Siklu or MikroTik, which use Qualcomm chipset. Those radios support just channel 2 and 3.

You are correct, there are chipset availbale support wide band. If we look at V-band spectrum available globally, many country still not open V-band yet, some of them only allow PTP application. We are workin actively to advocate open V-band for PMP/PTP use with local regularoy agency. Ideally, we want the product can support complete V-band. Today the limiation comes both chipset and location regulation.

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@allenyu wrote:

What i am refering to the products from Siklu or MikroTik, which use Qualcomm chipset. Those radios support just channel 2 and 3.

You are correct, there are chipset availbale support wide band. If we look at V-band spectrum available globally, many country still not open V-band yet, some of them only allow PTP application. We are workin actively to advocate open V-band for PMP/PTP use with local regularoy agency. Ideally, we want the product can support complete V-band. Today the limiation comes both chipset and location regulation.

Mikrotik support at least 1 - 3. I believe they support 1 - 4.5.

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from their FCC test report, you can see it is only chan 1  to 3.


Thanks for your reply.

For some reason I cannot download the two charts. Can you refresh them?

Would it be possible to have the same chart also for the V5000-V5000 link?

V5000 to V5000 follow the samea as V5000 to V1000.