Cambium Networks Announces Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Wireless Broadband Connectivity S

Cambium Networks, (NASDAQ: CMBM) a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced the availability of the PMP 450 Platform in the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum. The PMP 450 fixed wireless broadband solution enables service providers to extend connectivity using the innovative dynamic spectrum sharing system. The PMP 450 fixed wireless platform is currently the only purpose-built fixed point-to-multipoint broadband technology approved for use in the CBRS band and therefore the only alternative to deploying complex LTE technology. CBRS capability expands Cambium Networks’ Wireless Fabric portfolio of connectivity solutions for service providers; as well as industrial, utility and local government private network operators.



I came across the Part 96 Equipment Authorization for the 450SM. But it left a rather big question dangling. The EA cited its passing the basic CBRS KDB (D01) which applies to base stations. But nobody has yet gotten through the CPE-CBSD Handshake  KDB (D02), which permits CPEs to transmit at higher power than +23 dBm/10 MHz for the sole purpose of gaining authorization. That KDB only came out a few months ago and it requires vendors to both implement the handshake procedure and provide the FCC, as part of the Pre-Authorization Guidance (PAG), a testing methodology for it. We had proposed at WInnForum providing a methodology for everybody to use but the FCC wants the vendors to provide one... which they could crib from what we're talking about at WF, I suppose.

But without the D02 Handshake, how do you expect the SM to work? Will it try to connect to the BTS at +23 (as an EUD) at whatever MCS it can get, and then, once connected, ask for authorization? Or do you expect to get the D02 Handshake passed soon enough to not matter?

Once the 450B dish is out, we'll really have a nice system for long rural paths.