Cambium Networks Proven High Capacity, Extended Coverage, Secure Access Wi-Fi 6/6e

Reliable and secure communications technology makes the difference in mission success.  Secure Wi-Fi improves efficiencies in tactical networks, users no longer need to take the time to run multiple ethernet cables around the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).  This also decreases jump times, eliminating the need to recover thousands of feet of cable that can get tangled, damaged, or left behind.  Additionally, Wi-Fi end user devices (EUDs), such as handheld RFID and Bar Code scanners, data collection devices, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, video cameras, and IoT sensors are great as force multipliers, but they are of no use unless they have access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. These devices need connectivity that provides increased coverage, high capacity, and validated security to perform their mission – and they need it to be reliable beyond question so that operations are completed on time and with precision. In fact, one robust Wi-Fi network can support many of these applications at the same time.

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