Cambium PMP 450i and old Airspan WiMax Co-locate

This is a bit of a weird question.
I have no experience with AirSpan WiMax gear but I was asked if it is possible to successfully colocate PMP 450i 3GHz AP’s with old Airspan WiMax?
My assumption is not because of difference frame sizes, timing etc.

Any input from Airspan folks?



You should be able to co-locate the systems. Need to use 5ms frame timing. The 802.16e wimax configuration has a number of UL symbols in multiples of 3. The wimax frame, if memory serves me, is 47 symbols in length. The DL symbols are first. The symbol combinations will be 32:15, or 35:12 were the most common configurations, so that would mean UL configuration of 5 or 4 respectively in the AS Air4G or AirSynergy. You can calculate the DL/UL percentage and mimic that in the 450.

Good luck with this.

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Cambium once produced an 802.16e WiMAX radio, the PMP320, which has since been discontinued. That being said they did produce a handy PMP450 to PMP320 frame co-location tool, which you can download HERE. There’s a good chance that you can use this tool to help you figure out how to configure your Airspan WiMAX gear to coexist with your PMP450 gear.