Cambium radio recommended for TV video transmission

Hi, which cambium radio is recommended for TV video transmission

That depends on the format, if coax rf to radio then none since these are radio bridges for ethernet formatted data.
If using iptv or a tv to ip converter bridge than any radio will work up to 4k.

Be wary of those hdmi over cat5e/cat6 boxes as they are NOT compatible with any data network.

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I want to use it for Digital Tv.
From Tv Station/studio to DTV service provider

In your direct case you need a completely rf only setup. Cambium radios (this includes UBNT and Mimosa and similar hardware providers) will not work for you. DTV is a radio transmission format and is not ethernet compatible. You would be looking at a STL type system.

There is a way to make it work but you need to send the video stream as IPTV and convert it back to DTV before broadcast. You can think of these data radios like a cisco or netgear switch, the data goes in one port and comes out another but it must be ethernet framed traffic.
In your diagram the encoder would be an encapsulator and onbthe other end you would need a receiver to de-encapsulate the stream back to your broadcast format. This is similar to POTS phone to VOIP converters to bridge an analogue phone line over a data network to ring an analogue phone.

This unfortunately is not the straight answer you want but the question, simple as it is, is actually very complex and has a lot of additional considerations. Including the DTV format (non compressed (raw) vs compressed (mpeg formats), the equipment on both ends and the contracts between the studio and the boradcaster.
As a network provider, the f300-25 in 80Mhz channel is capable of providing 400Mbps of ethernet traffic, the f425 is capable of providing up to 800Mbps of ethernet traffic, so either on would carry a normal Mpeg based video feed. If you are needing more distance than a couple miles then look at the 3000L and the 300csm and a pair of large dish antennas on both ends. We use KP Performance pro antennas 3ft dishes for links up to 10miles (16km) clear line of sight. If wee need to go farther or need more signal for higher data rates then we look at the 4 and 6ft offerings from several hardware providers such as Radio Waves, Itel and Altelix (no longer makes dish antennas).

I would talk to the studio tech manager to find out if it acceptable and possible for the video stream to traverse an ethernet network to the broadcast station and then start making a plan with this manager for the data handling to be done only on ethernet if possible. If possible find out the stream rate requirements so that you can ensure sufficient bandwidth, you may need to break the link into a few hops or you may need to use a licensed radio frequency (highly suggested) to ensure you can transmit at a high enough power. For licensed links, the right radio depends on the propsed link distance, normal weather issues and budget. The 820 series can handle the bandwidth but at a much higher cost, so once you know you can carry the stream in a ethernet format, run link planner with accurate gps info for the two sites and see which radio would provide at least 25% more throughput than needed by the stream. Then reach out to your regional Cambium Sales rep and they can guide you on the options including determining the alternatives available for licensed links in your area

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